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Why would they lie?

How would the parasitic, predator class benefit from convincing us that we live on a spinning sphere that zooms through a massive universe & not a level plane created for us?

One of many illustrations of what our level plane Earth might look like (artist unknown)

(by Andeé Sea Cae Jak &                                           on April 10, 2022)

I’m going to take the liberty of extending this question to say,

[Insert introduction] While expressing my belief that our Earth is a level plane and not a spinning planet on Twitter, [user @ghoppe] asked the question:

“What’s the purpose of this deception? Why would they bother to continue this charade for over half a century? What possible purpose could it serve?”



Understanding the parasitic, predator class: It is not difficult to feel sympathetic for someone if you have gone through something similar to that which another person is experiencing. You can remember how the experience affected you and the eventual healing process that followed. If you reach out to the other person with words, gestures and/or actions of support, you are expressing sympathy.

One can also express sympathy even if they have not shared a similar experience. Whether or not it is received as genuine, however, depends on the appropriateness of the message. Where there is no shared experience, genuine sympathy is likely coming from an empath whereas “faux-sympathy” would be delivered by a sociopath.

Top 10 reasons why feeling soul-less benefits the parasitic, predator class

In no particular order:

  1. Feeling infinitesimally small compared a “vast universe” could result in a person having no sense of purpose and/or the feeling that their life is meaningless: the onset of depression could lead to any number of coping mechanisms including, but not limited to:
    • the consumption of “anti-depressants”/psychotropics which numb one’s emotions,
    • the over-consumption of alcohol,
    • drug addiction,
    • –,
    • — and
    • –.

    all which move money away from the depressed person and into the hands of the pharmaceutical INDUSTRY, the consumer discretionary INDUSTRY and/or the illegal substances (under-the-table) INDUSTRY.

  3. Like military spending, to siphon the money out of our pockets in order to place it into theirs.
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Peter Augros’s original post:

Another article with Andeé’s views on empathy: “What is Empathy? It falls somewhere between sympathy and compassion.”

How do you engender a basic sense of human empathy in a child without softening their defense against the harsh rigors of the world? 

“How despicable is Klaus Schwab & his World Economic Forum?”

On a scale of 1-10? 20. (insert brief overview and link to Schwab’s page) it may feel uncomfortable at first, paying attention to this feeling allows you, as an empathetic person, to determine the appropriate words, gestures and/or actions to share with the other person. You do this by asking yourself, “Ok, now that I know how they feel, what consoling or celebratory “things” can I say or do?”

Videos that reveal their goals regarding trans-humanism, devolution and/or the enslavement of humanity:

  • x is here .
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
  • x
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“How do I know our Earth is a level plane?”

I didn’t, a few months ago: I thought that our Earth was a spinning sphere like most people. I was more focused on intelligent design: was it with or without evolution. Then, a Christian whom I respect posted her views on the shape of the earth and that got me thinking. It didn’t hurt that I already knew how corrupt our world truly was and understood the wickedness that accompanies sociopathy. Locally, I am enduring my NINTH year attempting to divorce a sociopath who has leveraged a massive white-, blue-, thug-collar crime ring. As per paragraph 34 on pages 11 and 12 on the first of these two Affidavits, I believe them to be truly Satanic:

  • Affidavit #1 is  here .
  • Affidavit #2 is  here .
  • Factum is  here .

Discovering that a local chapter of Canada’s Temple of Satan recently opened did nothing to eliminate my suspicions.


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I was then convinced. Since that time, I have tripped over other Twitter accounts that openly discuss their knowledge of our Earth being a level plane which post non-Flat Earth Society presentations and podcasts.


Videos that were not produced by anyone involved with the so-called “Flat Earth Society”

  • “200 Proofs Earth is not a Spinning Ball” by Eric Dubay is here.
  • “Moon Speeds are Ridiculous” by Eric Dubay is here.
  • “A Look at Flat Earth” by High Impact Flix is here.
  • “DITRH” with SpaceShot76 is here.
  • (insert presentation by FName LName from convention)
  • x
  • x
  • x

NASA mocks our collective ignorance with it’s semi-transparent moon. (

Link to my draft, one-page summary of my pre-Christian views on the multiple sub-species within humanity is here.

Link to my draft article “The Myth labelled Psychiatry” is here.

This issue is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

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