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Last updated: August 26, 2021 at 1:15 p.m. EST 

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Why are we doing this?

Someone had to. Both government and main stream media is bought and paid for by the elite and/or billionaire puppets that do their dirty work for them.

Doctors and scientists have been attempting to speak out: they are all but silenced.



AUGUST 25, 2021 Archives is: HERE 

AUGUST 23, 2021 Archives is: HERE 

AUGUST 22, 2021 Archives is: HERE 

AUGUST 20, 2021 Archives is: HERE 

@temple_surly Tweets

20210818 6:30 a.m. included links to:

  • “Beyond a reasonable doubt” on the heads of the Canadian Medical Association
  • Dr. Kieren Moore? He’s guilty, too.
  • Trudeau’s MASSIVE Freudian Slip: we’ll buy the VIRUSES as they are developed
  • Meanwhile, in Australia injecting all children with poison
  • U.K. lies about injection safety for children (has not completed any trials), parental consent not required if 16 while U.S. bribes people in a “Joints for Jabs” campaign.

and is: HERE 

Justin Trudeau’s entire 6-minute performance is: HERE 

20210816 1:30 p.m. included links to:

  • What is Anthropocene Disease?
  • Silenced Dr. Tess Lawrie on Ivermectin and the medicine INDUSTRY
  • Delta variant was CAUSED by mutations in the SPIKE PROTEIN
  • Alex Jones 2:05 minutes of rage re: U.S. declaration that un-vaxxed are domestic terrorists
  • Short TikTok mocking logic of volunteering for the injection

and is: HERE 

20210815 10:00 a.m. included links to:

  • Fauci, the political scientist, rolls on down the road
  • Are CDC studies misleading?
  • Who’s a terrorist? 😳
  • How people were duped into the “plandemic”

and is: HERE 

20210814 10:30 a.m. included links to:

  • W. Australia Chief Health Officer KNOWS vaccine is poison and authorizes supply and administration
  • Nurse forced to make false public statement for television
  • David Crowe: “PCR not a test”
  • Dr. Zelenko: “Biggest risk of genocide in history”

and is: HERE 

20210813 2:30 p.m. included links to:

  • Passport posters printed in Jan 2020!
  • Virus was reproduced in May 2020!
  • “First we must develop immunity to BS” 
  • And, in the Reply, “psychologists state that before the “brain-washed” can accept facts, they must first have a shred of doubt.

and is: HERE 

20210811 12:00 p.m. included links to:

  • Masks/Lockdowns don’t work
  • COVID Deaths over-stated, scroll down
  • Not just de-population, DEVOLUTION
  • Klaus Schwab & NAZI Roots

and is: HERE

20210809 12:00 p.m. included links to:

  • Ch1nese Video: “We’ll drive U.S. to its death”
  • “More severe disease than if they weren’t vaccinated”
  • Military Database with depopulation projections (though page now gone)
  • 20210730 R. Fue11mich: “It’s Murder”

and is: HERE

20210808 included links to:

  • COVID Patents that pre-date COVID
  • COVID deaths have been over-stated
  • Decrease in “vaccine hesitancy primarily in less educated
  • Twitter thread to assist with Socratic Questioning

and is: HERE

Hidden in Plain View

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We were NOT all created equally!


(Discuss sociopaths and link to work-in-progress philosophy page: )

Dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

Regarding my rough notes, mental scribbles,  article ideas , outlines and research-in-progress: feel free to take the ball and run with it!

Meet  AndeĆ© Sea Cae Jak 

  • Fauci, the political scientist, rolls on down the road
  • Are CDC studies misleading?
  • Who’s a terrorist? 😳
  • How people were duped into the “plandemic”