Simplified illustration of some of the key perpetrators involved in Ottawa’s Crime Syndicate (excludes OCDSB Administration & others) 

Link to draft articles letters re: Ottawa pipeline that I was posting on LinkedIn (> 750 followers) and Facebook (4,000+ friends) in July 2019 just prior to malicious arrest/detention. 

Link to evidence that Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is a band of career criminals who violate the Criminal Code of Canada and their own Child, Youth & Family Services Act with reckless abandon and zero concern for children. (It is a taxpayer-funded, for-profit entity with zero legitimate accountability or oversight: what kinds of creatures do you think that sort of business attracts?)


 Ottawa’s “Dispose of a Spouse” Service:

  1. 6 1/2 year Divorce File FC-15-2446 dragged out by multiple taxpayer-funded, career-criminal, SCJ judges: evidence.
  2. 3+ year illegal Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa file FC-19-CP08 facilitated by multiple taxpayer-funded, career-criminal lawyers: evidence.
  3. Civil Action #1: Victor Vallance Blais LLP (former divorce attorney which assisted ex): evidence.
  4. Civil Action #2: Dr. Paule Kemgni & Ex (re collusion and the mental health smear): evidence.
  5. Civil Action #3: Khaldoon Habib-Allah et al. (re: collusion and the $500,00 Eviction Scam)
  6. Civil Action #4: Ottawa Police Services (re involvement in organized crime (Part 1)): evidence.
  7. Civil Action #5: Crown’s Malcolm Savage, defense attorney Joseph Addelman & Dr. Zeynep Selaman (re: collusion for bogus psych assessment on criminal charges since dropped by bought Crown prosecutors): evidence.
  8. Civil Action #6: for CAS/family lawyer who assisted CAS & ex: evidence.
  9. …. : evidence.
  10. …. : evidence.
  11. …. : evidence.
  12. …. : evidence.
  13. Small Claim #1: evidence.
  14. Small Claim #2 : evidence.
  15. Small Claim #3 : evidence.
  16. Human Trafficking is Ottawa: a continuous multi-faceted, inescapable, flow of victims to feed prostitution, drug addiction, petty crime and all that is required to satisfy the sociopath’s insatiable appetite  for sex, money and power.


Taxpayer-funded organize crime converts our dollars into “careers” for morality-free, above-the-law sociopaths.

Link to analysis of financial statements i.e. profitability of for-profit, taxpayer-funded, child-abusing CAS & other evidence