July 19, 2019 Photograph “Ottawa War Memorial” by Andeé Sea Cae Jak ©SAQOTU Inc.

Movie Suggestions

  1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  2. Despicable Me
  3. Black Swan
  4. Billy Elliot
  5. Birdie
  6. The Full Monty
  7. High Fidelity
  8. Dead Poet’s Society

Music Suggestions

  1. Wolves don’t play by the rules, by Elisapie
  2. Gaslighter, by the Dixie Chicks
  3. Cups, by Anna Kendrik
  4. Freestyle Radio Pheonix by Orelsan
  5. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, by Will Smith
  6. We Like 2 Party, by BIGBANG
  7. Thank You, by   Dido 
  8. Over & Over, by Jack White
  9. Love Yourself, by Justin Beiber
  10. I’m A Bitch, by Alanis Morissette
  11. Love Yourself, by Justin Beiber
  12. Hollaback Girl, by Gwen Stefani
  13. Sunday Driver, by Jack White


Monday September 28, 2020 – publication delayed due to false arrest/charge/detention/denial of bail 20200919-20201013

pfi.ROCKS Living!

Read All About It

by Andeé Sea Cae Jak, BBA

Welcome to the first edition of pfi.ROCKS Living!, a global publication produced by SAQOTU Inc.—inspired by the lack of interest in investigative journalism at Post Media Inc., as evidenced here.


This issue is dedicated to Kurt Cobain, one of our artists lost.

Regarding my rough notes, mental scribbles, article ideas, outlines and research-in-progress: feel free to take the ball and run with it!

Happy 55th to Andeé Sea Cae Jak