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April 19, 2021

This week is going to be busy as I continue to battle John Kiska and his many accomplices.

(10:34) Excerpt from 20210409’s extortion by Ottawa’s Office of the Crown Attorney: “Make inaccessible … by any means … your [whistle-blowing/advocacy] website at pfi.ROCKS [which evidences that John Kiska’s accomplices include the CAS, the OPS, the Crown Attorney’s Office and several SCJ judges] within 48 hours of your release”. Apparently, the “rights” of decade-long abuser of wife and children trump rights of the marginalized wife who has been attempting to divorce malignant narcissist, John Kiska, since 2015!

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Today’s minutes—of pfc.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to my beautiful teens, Sean and Cate: I miss you so much. ♥.