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April 13, 2021

Too busy to create a separate page for April 12th, there were only a couple of posts:

  • At 9:00 a.m., I posted my follow-up e-mail to Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage who still has not sent to me the final disclosure from last Wednesday’s orchestrated arrest.
  • At 5:22 p.m., I posted a note: Until I get my bail conditions changed, I cannot post any court documents. That means that I cannot post the Form 1 Application that I submitted this afternoon to OCJ Criminal regarding an adjournment of my Third Party Records Application that was to be heard on April 22nd. The reason that I am bringing it? Somehow, prosecutor Malcolm Savage managed have a hearing this morning in order to have the 20210422 hearing re-scheduled to a courtroom where one of his previous prosecuting colleagues is now presiding. The last time one of Savage’s friends (Justice Kevin B. Phillips) was presiding, he ignored my evidence and ruled beyond his jurisdiction to award an anti-Charter Gag Order against me. I am not interested in wasting my time being heard by another of Savage’s friends for the ultimate benefit of his other friend (Kiska). What. A. Racket.

(07:14) Yesterday’s e-mail to prosecutor Malcolm Savage: nothing special, just more evidence that he is working for Kiska and not the Crown

(07:14) My morning e-mail to OPS Officer Cheryl Cross: is she working for Kiska too? (Good Grief. I know there are some legitimate OPS officers and Crown prosecutors out there. Hopefully they are watching all of this nonsense.)

(10:36) Follow-up e-mail to OPS Officer Cheryl Cross regarding important information and basic knowledge that was lacking from her investigation

(10:36) Follow-up e-mail to CAS and OCL regarding access to Sean and Cate to which I am entitled but cruelly denied (similar to February-July 2019) by malignant narcissist John Kiska.

(10:36) A reminder for all of those involved who continue to, among other things, remain willfully blind of the fact that I fear for the safety of my children and I am starting to fear for my own safety as well. . As all of my police complaints are fully ignored, however, I cannot even approach the OPS for help or protection.

(12:00) Another e-mail to OPS: why interviewing the accused is important before laying charges, in my opinion

(12:03) To Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage et al.

(13:00) One of the trippiest ramp jobs on how to train law enforcement to investigate Domestic Violence allegations, ever? (Brutal? Yep. Casualties? Sadly, yes. Effective? I sure hope so.)

(13:04) + = x

(13:17) Dear Shweet (002)

(13:22) Dear Snoop Dogg (002)Snoop Dogg (002)>

(13:22) Dear Aretha Franklin (Rest in Peace)

(13:51) Please do not get me wrong, Mayor Jim Watson (who demonstrably admires Amsterdam’s tourism industry): I am not anti-prostitution. I am anti-human trafficking. I am fairly convinced that you can create your “Amsterdam of North America” with the readily-available, empathy-free, sex-motivated individuals that currently reside in Ottawa without forcing beautiful people (like my two teens and some of their friends) into the prostitution pool. If the thugs would remove their grubby little paws from our empaths, we could eventually be friends. There is a win-win here that everyone seems to be overlooking. You just need an out-of-the-box-thinking consultant on your team: problem would be solved in under four hours. Just saying.

(22:44) Another e-mail to OPS Officer Cheryl Cross: this one about fawning and how victims of domestic violence may protect the abuser in order to avoid further trauma and/or other consequences

(23:00) Does anyone require three guesses on why Crown prosecutor Malcolm Savage selected former-Ottawa-prosecutor-come judge, Justice Jonathan Brunet, to be my trial judge?

(23:02) Oh, and he has been scheduled to hear my Third Party Records Application that Savage wants to have dismissed, too.

(23:10) It is not as if Malcolm Savage is not aware of the crimes of Perjury and Obstruction of Justice …

(23:10) … so, what is motivating him to commit crime in order to prosecute me? Is he being extorted? Or, could it be something else?

(24:00) Characteristics of Predators

(24:00) Dreamworld

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Today’s minutes—of pfc.ROCKS Enterprise!—are dedicated to my beautiful teens, Sean and Cate: I miss you so much. ♥.